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Our products cater to a large variety of different customers.

Each pallet or skid is designed specifically for each customer based on their needs.

Pallet and Skid Samples

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The 44 1/2 X 46 1/4 4-Way Pallet

Medium-build constructed for multiple load bearing. This pallet is used by an electronics manufacturer for overseas product shipment.

50 X 45 Block Pallet

Used by a major manufacturer of radios for automotive consumption, this pallet is designed to be expendable. This is a full 4-way pallet constructed for lightweight shipments.

60 X 60 Skid

All hard wood, 3-runner skid, considered to be heavy duty. This particular skid is used by a coil coating manufacturer in a returnable-use program.

39 X 39 Skid

Medium-build skid made to be expendable.

This particular skid is used for one-way shipment of painted coils sent to the manufacturer.


36 X 36 2-Way Pallet

Standard in nature with a wide variety of use.

This pallet is used by a paper manufacturer for shipping to printing customers.

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